Interesting story on Intuition.

I spend time everyday to work on my physiological introspective sensitivity (borrowed that phrase from Josh Waitzkin, The Art Of Learning). I have been doing this for about 5 years now.

For me it feels like a quieting of my internal lagoon… I know when there are some waves and work on the internal chatter until the water is totally calm.

I can tell when a drop lands on the water when it is that still.


physiological introspective sensitivity

I have also been listening more to my intuition… working on picking up on the information that surrounds us but we are too internally noisy to hear/ feel.

I started my morning walk today by internally calming the water… picking out thoughts and feelings… working out where they came from and clearing them by strengthening the weakness.

As I walked along a walk way near the beach I saw a man and his dog in the distance… I had the choice to carry on walking or turn left at an angle around a park area… both going the same direction but going left was longer.

I heard myself say “go left” and I did as I’m working on listening to my intuition
smile emoticon
… even though I immediately started questioning myself about being foolish and I was being paranoid that there may be an issue with this man and his dog.

As I rounded the park I heard the man shouting at his dog and saw it coming towards me at full speed… I kept my pace and stared at the dog not letting him see fear.

My heart pounded as the dog went back and forth thinking about going for me. He had run about 50 m to get to me. The owner finally managed to get his dog and put it on a lead. He knew his dog was dangerous.

I walked on and realized I had sensed the danger with no real clues or evidence. I have never felt in danger from a dog before. If I had walked straight I would have been attacked head on.

Another piece of evidence for me to listen to my inner voice. That’s all that counts for me… try something again and again and if it works keep it. Don’t listen to what other people say… most people could never feel a drop let alone a boulder fall into their internal water and they have storms raging 24/7 and use alcohol and distraction to cope.

Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.” Bruce Lee


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Breakthroughs In The Body/ Breakthroughs In Your Life…

If you have been following my writings on the body/ mind since 2008 you would have heard me talk about parallels in breakthroughs in the body with breakthroughs in your life.

I had one about 5 minutes ago!!

I have had some huge shifts in how I see the world and my mindset since March. I hung out with my good friend Nam Le in london for a few days and I was exposed to some ideas on life and behavior that changed me.

Since then I have cleaned up my diet and increased exercise and walking. I have devoured books and combine exercise with learning. I listen to audio-books most of the day when I’m not working on clients.

Yesterday I had a breakthrough in my mindset… I became aware of my fixed mindset in some areas of my life that I was blind to and that I hadn’t used Energetics on.

When I saw the truth about my fixed mindset and how I could shift to a growth mindset, it was like a stack of cards falling down… the shift spread into all areas of my mind.

For some strange reason I was driven to go into the bathroom and face the mirror, and look at how far my left arm would rotate behind me compared to my right. The difference was startling!!

I couldn’t believe I had missed the fact that my right arm was missing 45 degrees.

Blind spot or just not ready to see.

I had picked it up before when analyzing my body language and movement but for some reason I hadn’t seen it as important!!

At that moment I couldn’t stop stretching that arm.

This morning I walked along the seafront and stopped occasionally to mobilize and stretch the right arm/shoulder.

Then 5 minutes ago I felt the urge to bend…like there was an uncontrollable energy needing to escape out of my spine.

I bent forward and as I did so I felt pops and a weird movement like pulling the vacuum cleaner handle to extent the tube… I can’t even describe it. *snakelike 😛

At that precise moment I had a flashback to when I was 11 yrs old playing rugby in Kenya, I was playing in the front row.(hard to imagine I know)

I had locked my legs out and refused to be pushed back by a 21 stone teacher who was pushing against us.

He pushed us easily but I was stubborn and refused to budge. I never gave in!!

My back had bent until I heard a huge crack in my mid back and I had collapsed unable to breath.

I suffered many injuries after that incident.


I feel that I may have experienced something at that point in my life that was extremely painful and my back was injured where the body had to release some of the built up energy.

I now realize that the trauma has been locked in that area for 32 years until the causal factor was resolved. Then my back unlocked.

My whole mid back has opened up as I write this and I feel excitement about this new movement freedom in my spine and also the freedom in all areas of my life.

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The Dark Side Of Mr Men!

I caught myself feeling really strong the other day as I walked along the seafront here in Barcelona…  but I realized that it made me walk, (and my “costume”) in a wider position. It broadened me. Imagine holding invisible rolled up carpets under your arms 😛

Costumes (a good friend of mine Lynn Teachworth explains>)
“The body will often put on “costumes” of posture to protect or project emotional and spiritual patterns. If you are looking change yourself or create new routines in your life…these fascial/ muscular chain patterns must often be balanced before the underlying belief systems and attitudes can be released.

Lynn Teachworth.

I could almost feel the signals to my cells and fibers saying: “Strong is wide so lay yourselves down horizontally!”

Hang On!!

I don’t want my body to expand side ways… I want my body to be strong, light and streamlined :)… like a missile!!

A comparison would be the England front row who are all “strong” and look it… like blocks of granite.







There is a collective thought/belief that influences us on this subject… most people would agree that wide is stronger like the structure of a building… houses are strong.

I’m not talking about body builders here who’s main focus is building muscle not strength.



Alternatively,  you look at NASA that build space rockets that can withstand the forces of going into space and they are streamlined and have very thin walls in comparison to houses.

This would be more like Cristian Cullen the legendary New Zealand full back.. Probably pound for pound the strongest All Black ever. 145kg Bench Press at 85kg body-weight, plus many other feats of strength. He was strong, light and streamlined!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 18.10.06

So what has this got to do with Mr Men?

Then I pictured my favorite Mr Men character which was Mr Strong… look what strong meant when I was a kid lol… early programming I think.

This is my favorite coffee mug … being brainwashed with my morning pleasure hit…!!!



So I am using my mind now to quickly program in the intention to my central nervous system to how I want to shape my body and strengthen the deletion of the effects of Mr Strong imagery from my life 😉

You can also use imagery to shape yourself to be like a missile or a house if you want.

Remember that most people in society today are over relaxing their bodies which causes the body to expand side ways… its almost accepted as normal for men when they hit 40!!!

So Tense Up!

Always remember to use your mind… not the other way around!!!

I also liked Mr Tickle… Yikes!!


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 18.34.18


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Easy Way To Incorporate Flexibility Training Into Exercise.

Clint asked a question, “what is the easiest way to incorporate flexibility into exercise, I always forget that part while focusing on strength and cardio.”

The way I incorporate flexibility and mobility whilst working my conditioning is via a five minutes daily conditioning routine whereby I choose a whole body exercise for instance burpes and I do burpes for five minutes.

Cue crazy laugh!!



Hold Up!!! 😛

Now five minutes of doing burpes isn’t easy!!  I’m not saying you need to do whole five minutes but you could do 20 seconds burpes then 10 seconds recovery then downward dog/ sun salutation yoga movement  or another whole body exercise like lunges with reaches to the knee to overhead reach: something where you’re going through the full range of motion. Then repeat recovery.

20 secs on 10 secs off for 5 minutes. (Tabata)




Big Bang For Your Buck

So you get a big bang for your buck you’re taking your joints through a full range of motion and you’ll be getting a lot of  pumping movement in you’re body fluids, you’re also warming up your body for exercises to follow if you want to do a strength session after.

When I do five minutes of burpes my body is very tired afterwards and I usually combine that with a long walk of say one hour to two hours where I listen to a10429407_10204330501966098_8320543356046877932_nn audiobook on business, psychology or something that’s going to train my mind and give me new information.

Walking has both mental and physical benefits!!


Out walking in New York with my buddy Keith.


So in summary… choose an exercise that works the hips and/or the shoulders through full range of motion, remember, if it’s uncomfortable or jarring or you feel like you’re bashing the end range then that’s too much for the body and you’re central nervous system will not like it and will let you know afterwards via pain. Just start easy!! The whole idea is consistency of small trainings and over time your body will adapt and gain new ranges.

The hips affect the shoulders the shoulders affect the hips if you have tight hips try getting more mobility and strength in the shoulders.
If you shoulders are shut down work on getting more flexibility and strength in the hips.

Body Chains

Everyone has time for five minutes a day to work whole body movements enjoy incorporating it into your routine.



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Is Your Fat Talk Making You Fat?

Is your perception of your food affecting you more than the food itself?

This super interesting study was done by a clinical psychologist who does research at the Columbia Business School in New York.

She made a huge batch of milkshake and divided it into two lots. One lot she called superlight healthy milkshake  and the other batch she called full fat heavenly milkshake. She was measuring a hormone, Ghrelin,  that is secreted when we get hungry.

When the stomach is empty, ghrelin is secreted. When the stomach is stretched, secretion stops.a It acts on hypothalamic brain cells both to increase hunger, and to increase gastric acid secretion and gastrointestinal motility to prepare the body for food intake

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

Remember the milkshakes were the same…

the people who  drank the “healthy” milk shake had a threefold increase in this particular hormone.… Compared to the group who drank the supposed full fat option. The hormone increases appetite and urges you to eat when your hungry.

The group drinking the “Indulgence” shake showed less Ghrelin in the blood than the “Sensishake” group as would be expected with the higher calorie content.

Conclusion…  how you perceive the foods and drinks you take into your body will tell your body how to receive it. If you believe the food is “unhealthy”  then your body will respond accordingly. The information about the food can be far more unhealthy than the food itself.

the mind impacts our physiology…

“Our beliefs matter in virtually every domain, in everything we do,” Crum says. “How much is a mystery, but I don’t think we’ve given enough credit to the role of our beliefs in determining our physiology, our reality. We have this very simple metabolic science: calories in, calories out.”

People don’t want to think that our beliefs have influence, too, she says. “But they do!”  Alia Crum (clinical psychologist who does research at the Columbia Business School in New York)

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Dog Brain OR Human Brain… Your Choice!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 12.40.42

If you want your mind clean of old emotions, nasty negative thinking and your mind trash emptied… check out my first session introduction offer. Rob

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Conor Mcgregor… “I want no technique”

You would have had to have been living in a cave to not heard of  MMA fighter called Conor Mcgregor…  google him if you haven’t and check out some of his free fights you”ll be instantly hooked by him. What a star and fighter combined.

I was told to check out his movement and he is so smooth… not rushing in, moving away and countering with blistering speed. Super lateral movement… and his stand up punching is laser guided… He makes it look so easy to hit people chins. Almost like his senses are simply a notch up from most peoples.

In the video below he talks about being a student of movement… and he thinks about it all the time… non stop. Sounds familiar :)

“I just want to have no technique… I want people to look at me and not know whats going to happen…the highest technique to have is no technique” … he is also a smart cookie!

The more neutral and empty a fighter becomes the more his physical intelligence can express itself… it is the mind that limits us and our thoughts and emotions that weaken us…it is that ever present internal opponent. “non physical weakness” is why all good fighters start the fight before ever stepping into the ring… they are looking for the opponents weaknesses or their “wounds”… that no amount of armoring can protect.

Colin Mcgregor seems to have mastered this area already… psyching opponents out before fights.

I just finished Sugar Ray Leonard autobiography and I found his stories of mental dueling fascinating.

“Fighters display two things. They display confidence, or they display a look that says, ‘I’m not sure.’
Sugar Ray Leonard

You are either strong or weak 😉

Joe Rogan has a cool discussion about his movement… (para phrasing) most fighters are mechanical in their movements but he’s got this “wiggle” lol

he also says he moves like a snake… and we can learn a great deal about movement from animals, the Shaolin would have animal movement study as part of their curriculum. In studying animals speed, agility or strength we can begin to resonate with those traits. It allows you to rise above what the limited mind thinks is possible and attain new heights in performance.

Getting “out” of your mind!!!

here is a highlight of Conor… talking about movement, training and his philosophy on life.

Just some of my thoughts on this MMA star… let me know what you think and if you enjoyed the post please share

cheers Rob


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