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    Number One Reason Your Face Ages…


    My thoughts on the huge impact of our perceptions and beliefs have on our faces…

    If you are unable to resolve your issues and problems (because your mind is really bad at finding the actual underlying reason why you are anxious or troubled) you will say you are STRESSED!!!

    but stress really doesn’t mean anything and for sure it doesn’t instantly resolve the issue… and you will “collapse” when the stress becomes too much. Most people will numb/ forget/ suppress themselves with alcohol or food or marijuana or television before they collapse.

    But on some level they will collapse a little… and that “micro sag” will add to the other sags until you get into your forties an fifties and your face starts to show the accumulative effect of the sags… “you look old”

    rob summit pic1rob summit pic2


    These two pictures show our natural response to a threat … we initially stand up to it and put up our boundaries but if we cant resolve it… we collapse.

    a fascinating and haunting example of mental stress on the face can be seen here with these before and after photos of war veterans…

    So in conclusion… our bodies minute reactions to our thinking and our minds, age us far more than food or exercise (although they do have an impact).

    Start working on your thinking and beliefs everyday… it will bring you peace and will save your $1000s in expensive night creams.

    Rob Brinded


    Even SuperStars Have A Subconsious Mind…

    Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 20.28.51

    to try to better know your subconscious simply look back over your past for negative repetitive events… like footprints in the snow.


    Are You Running The “I Can’t ” Programming System…?

    I’m going to talk about something I’m seeing a lot of lately and that’s people saying “I can’t”

    I was training jiujitsu today and a Spanish guy had come along to the session to see what “rolling” was like and if he wanted to take it up.

    He was a little nervous but did really well but I got the impression that he wasn’t going to continue with classes in the future. I knew this when he turned to me and said ” I will never be as good as you!”

    Now I have been doing BJJ for 8 months and when I first started I was terrible and I couldn’t spar for more than 2 minutes without running to the window ripping off my Gi and gasping for air.

    hulk hogan ripping

    kinda like that…

    I felt all kinds of emotions and self judgements and criticism…everyday… but I knew I had to just keep coming to class… JUST KEEP TRAINING… no magic potion… I needed to experience and make mistake after mistake until I learned to not make them and thus improve.

    I can now spar for 45 minutes without tearing off my Gi as though it was on fire and needing an oxygen mask.

    It helped that I could delete the negative thinking and emotions (Limitations) but it was a process of moving forwards by experiencing it and my brain/ physical intelligence would get used to it.

    I told the Spanish guy how bad I was when I started and it was a question of time… but I think his beliefs had already set in stone his future BJJ career… he wouldn’t be able to do it. This was his default program.

    I have seen this with energetics too. When I first started experiencing/ using it I knew I had to just do it…. every minute of every hour of every day until it was something that came naturally.

    I found everything online and offline and studied it all day, everyday and I taught myself how to do it. I just did it!!!

    But I had many many days when I wasn’t sure of myself and questioned myself… huge doubt. But you know what, I kept DOING IT… and through experiencing it and comparing the strong and weak feeling in my body 100’s of thousands of times… I improved. I worked on hundreds of people and I made mistakes but that was the only way I was going to improve.

    no magic potion… no quick trick… I just did it.

    and I have taught 1000’s of people the basics of energetics and I hear often people… I can’t do it or can’t feel the difference.

    So I say “well you need to keep experiencing it/ using it… and your first attempts will be foreign but the more you do it the more your brain and physical experience will get used to it and… it will become second nature.”

    but the default belief system has already kicked in… “I can’t…” … fill in the blank.

    Research has demonstrated that most emotional conditioning and habitual behaviors were set in place, in fact were programmed, very early in life by parents, peers, teachers, and the like. Basic core beliefs, behaviors, and attitudes held by these significant others are often simply accepted as “fact” and become the “truth.”

    I would add ancestors to that list too!!!

    This programming can be changed through various methods and I work on this daily with clients… but sometimes you just have to put one foot in front of the other and action. As Nike say “Just Do It”


    Is Your Fat Talk Making You Fat?

    Is your perception of your food affecting you more than the food itself?

    This super interesting study was done by a clinical psychologist who does research at the Columbia Business School in New York.

    She made a huge batch of milkshake and divided it into two lots. One lot she called superlight healthy milkshake  and the other batch she called full fat heavenly milkshake. She was measuring a hormone that is secreted when we get hungry.


    Remember the milkshakes were the same…

    the people who  drank the “healthy” milk shake had a threefold increase in this particular hormone.… Compared to the group who drank the supposed full fat option. The hormone increases appetite and urges you to eat when your hungry.

    The group drinking the “Indulgence” shake showed less Ghrelin in the blood than the “Sensishake” group as would be expected with the higher calorie content.

    Conclusion…  how you perceive the foods and drinks you take into your body will tell your body how to receive it. If you believe the food is “unhealthy”  then your body will respond accordingly. The information about the food can be far more unhealthy than the food itself.

    the mind impacts our physiology…

    “Our beliefs matter in virtually every domain, in everything we do,” Crum says. “How much is a mystery, but I don’t think we’ve given enough credit to the role of our beliefs in determining our physiology, our reality. We have this very simple metabolic science: calories in, calories out.”

    People don’t want to think that our beliefs have influence, too, she says. “But they do!”  Alia Crum (clinical psychologist who does research at the Columbia Business School in New York)



    Speed up recovery after BJJ training

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    Are your worries and fears coming from your ancestors experiences? asks Rob Brinded

    dna memories

    A groundbreaking study from the journal Nature and a rare mainstream confirmation of something I have been working with for a number of years — that DNA can contain memory through the mechanism of sensitivities, phobias, selection bias, etc. Our Ancestors areactually having an influence on our everyday lives.

    “According to the new insights of behavioral epigenetics, traumatic experiences in our past, or in our recent ancestors’ past, leave molecular scars adhering to our DNA. Jews whose great-grandparents were chased from their Russian shtetls; Chinese whose grandparents lived through the ravages of the Cultural Revolution; young immigrants from Africa whose parents survived massacres; adults of every ethnicity who grew up with alcoholic or abusive parents — all carry with them more than just memories. ”

    I found an intersting review of this article here. Rob Brinded

    New study on mice suggests it’s possible to inherit memories from Mon, 02 Dec 2013 18:27:55 GMT

    The heritability of genes is well understood at this point — we know that physical traits from parents are passed down to offspring, as encoded by DNA. However, some new research out of Emory University seems to indicate 


    This has really caught peoples attention and I believe this is going to lead to an extraordinary paradigm shift in peoples awareness. Twitter was quick to light up with comments…


    Oscar Herrera

    Wed Feb 05 14:33:41 +0000 2014





    Wed Feb 05 15:39:29 +0000 2014

    What some call reincarnation could just be ancestry.. I mean, what if our DNA held memories from others lives & deaths?





    Wed Feb 05 03:33:43 +0000 2014

    Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA -…




    Here is a good video explanation of this study unfortunately I think the male presenters ancestors had bad experiences of being funny so the humor gene wasn’t past down into his dna makeup ;P

    Memories Can Be Passed Down Through DNA
    The premise of Assassin’s Creed is the reliving of other people’s memories stored inside DNA. Well scientists have found that in mice, it actually happens! A…

    If you want to understand more on epigenetics on how this impacts our lives and our futures I highly recommend the work of Dr Bruce Lipton.. he has been talking about this for many years now.

    Healing Powers TV: Dr. Bruce Lipton, Epigenetics

    Laura Powers interviews Dr Bruce Lipton on epigenetics. For more information on Healing Powers TV, podcast,articles, events, and more, go to www.healingpower…


    So to summarize… According to the new insights of behavioral epigenetics, traumatic experiences in our past, or in our recent ancestors’ past, leave molecular scars adhering to our DNA. If you would like to know more about how to remove these and learn more about how we can gain better self mastery and live a life pain free and happy visit…

    Rob Brinded is an expert in shifting peoples energies which deletes pain on the spot and transforms life challenges instantly.


    Working with the tricky ones ;)

    This image below caught my eye recently… it reminded me of some clients I work with who have a kind of human firewall that frantically goes to work to protect them from any sort of change however beneficial it will be for them.
    The mind, being a collection of thoughts, experiences and beliefs (collection sounds organized … I should use infinite amount of files pouring out of peoples ears having no way to resolve them… that’s slightly better.)… sabotages us and messes us up in so many ways.

    and Gratitude doesn’t cut it…I hear that a lot on Facebook these days… be grateful and you’ll be happy) that’s like me being grateful I have a mac book air but I have no space left on my hard drive and don’t know how to empty the trash… and so its painfully slow to use  but… “Be grateful for your computer Rob!”

    anyway I digress… back to tricky clients

    I look into my clients eyes and see that mind and the darting of the eyeballs “knowing it all, but scared” avoiding and justifying everything. Im not saying its wrong or right… its just it is an amazing thing to behold.

    Protect my way of understanding the world and who I am at all costs!!!
    I ask about a challenge they are having…does this bother you? “yes it does”… simple :)
    I strengthen what I find weak.. then ask the question again… does it bother you now when you think about it…?
    “well… when I was saying it before I didn’t take into context the variables that x and y combined with this and that…..”

    and the mind jujitsu begins… and I have to follow them until I can bring them back to the original question and repeat … does it bother you now? 

    I won’t even go into when someone tells me nothing bothers them in their lives… I say… “nothing?”  “No everything is great!”

    well…now I know there’s real problem.. lemon in denial…

    Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 16.02.23

    I know that I am writing this because I have something to be resolved in working with these types of clients but I also know that I love what this process does and part of that is sitting in front of client whether it is in person or on Skype and helping people to untangle the huge machinery they have constructed in their lives like in the yellow picture at the top…

    That computer which has become slow and painful to drag around with them was once useful, but needs to be shed. Just too much information and so many unanswered questions…

    Confusion destroying their central nervous system.

    So we delete and eliminate the unnecessary and correct the faulty code and they become lighter… and they relax and unwind and stop avoiding… oooof. Nothing to avoid. Even though that process is sometimes like a Brazilian jujitsu combat :)

    The best part is when they start laughing… sometimes uncontrollably… then I start… then all hell brakes loose lol.

    then there’s no reason to be grateful ;)… you can just BE!!

    and here’s a video to help the laughing…



    The Dark Side Of Mr Men!

    which is your favorite?

    How do you perceive strength…?

    I caught myself feeling really strong the other day as I walked along the seafront here in Barcelona…  but I realized that it held me (and my “costume”) in a wider position. It broadened me.

    The body will often put on “costumes” of posture to protect or project emotional and spiritual patterns. These fascial patterns must often be balanced before the underlying belief systems and attitudes can be released.

    Lynn Teachworth.

    I could almost feel the signals to my cells and fibres saying ” strong is wide so lay yourselves down horizontally.

    I don’t want my body to expand side ways… I want my body to be strong, light and streamlined :)… like a missile!!

    A comparison would be the England front row who are all “strong” and look it… like blocks of granite.

    wide strength

    There is a collective thought that influences us on this subject… most people would agree that wide is stronger like the structure of a building… houses are strong.

    I’m not talking about body builders here who’s main focus is building muscle not strength.

    But then you look at Nasa that build space rockets that can withstand the forces of going into space and they are streamlined and have very thin walls in comparison to houses.

    This would be more like Cristian Cullen the legendary New Zealand full back.. Probably pound for pound the strongest All Black ever. 145kg Bench Press at 85kg body-weight, plus many other feats of strength. He was strong, light and streamlined!


    So what has this got to do with Mr Men?

    Then I pictured my favorite Mr Men character which was Mr Strong… look what strong meant when I was a kid lol… early programming I think.

    This is my coffee mug below… being brainwashed with my morning pleasure hit…!!!

    Is strong wide?
    Is strong wide?

    So I am using my mind now to quickly program in the intention to my central nervous system to how I want to shape my body and strengthen the deletion of the effects of Mr Strong from my life ;)

    You can also use imagery to shape yourself to be like a missile or a house if you want.

    Remember that most people in society today are over relaxing their bodies which causes the body to expand side ways… its almost accepted as normal for men when they hit 40!!!

    So Tense Up!

    Always remember to use your mind… not the other way around!!!

    I also liked Mr Tickle… Yikes!!

    Weirdo Arms
    Weirdo Arms

    The Secret Of Movement Part 2

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    The Secret To Movement Part 1

    Cool video explaining how our bodies tell women if we are a good catch or not! Neil Day And I discuss how movement has always been key to status and attraction…. from dancing to hunting passing by athletic potential.

    Neil calls this “EASE OF MOVEMENT” and it is vital to attraction.

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