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Conor Mcgregor… “I want no technique”

You would have had to have been living in a cave to not heard of  MMA fighter called Conor Mcgregor…  google him if you haven’t and check out some of his free fights you”ll be instantly hooked by him. What a star and fighter combined.

I was told to check out his movement and he is so smooth… not rushing in, moving away and countering with blistering speed. Super lateral movement… and his stand up punching is laser guided… He makes it look so easy to hit people chins. Almost like his senses are simply a notch up from most peoples.

In the video below he talks about being a student of movement… and he thinks about it all the time… non stop. Sounds familiar :)

“I just want to have no technique… I want people to look at me and not know whats going to happen…the highest technique to have is no technique” … he is also a smart cookie!

The more neutral and empty a fighter becomes the more his physical intelligence can express itself… it is the mind that limits us and our thoughts and emotions that weaken us…it is that ever present internal opponent. “non physical weakness” is why all good fighters start the fight before ever stepping into the ring… they are looking for the opponents weaknesses or their “wounds”… that no amount of armoring can protect.

Colin Mcgregor seems to have mastered this area already… psyching opponents out before fights.

I just finished Sugar Ray Leonard autobiography and I found his stories of mental dueling fascinating.

“Fighters display two things. They display confidence, or they display a look that says, ‘I’m not sure.’
Sugar Ray Leonard

You are either strong or weak ?

Joe Rogan has a cool discussion about his movement… (para phrasing) most fighters are mechanical in their movements but he’s got this “wiggle” lol

he also says he moves like a snake… and we can learn a great deal about movement from animals, the Shaolin would have animal movement study as part of their curriculum. In studying animals speed, agility or strength we can begin to resonate with those traits. It allows you to rise above what the limited mind thinks is possible and attain new heights in performance.

Getting “out” of your mind!!!

here is a highlight of Conor… talking about movement, training and his philosophy on life.

Just some of my thoughts on this MMA star… let me know what you think and if you enjoyed the post please share

cheers Rob


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