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Yuen Method Reviews…Results Only Please…

Yuen Method Reviews

Yuen Method is an energetic Method which enables the practitioner to Access the REAL cause of a pain in your body or an illness or any life challenge you are experiencing.

I heard about Dr Kam Yuen a few years ago and finally picked up his material a year ago and I can honestly say it was like a light going on in my way of thinking in working with my clients. The “hook” for me was that it helped me eliminate my back pain instantly and because I´m all about results… well I was gobsmacked.

I have a good CV having worked with Chelsea FC for 6 years as head of strength and conditioning and injury prevention but I always felt like I was missing something in my work. I knew it lay in energy work and I have spent the last 12 years honing my skills in this realm and studying everything from Chek, Reiki, matrix energetics, body talk, Tibetan medicine, meridians, chi gong I could continue.

Rob Brinded Chelsea



However I had all this knowledge but I couldn’t get to the bottom of my own physical and emotional unease. I even did coaching sessions, 1 on 1, with one of the best holistic health experts in the world which cost me or I should say was an investment… of $10,000… I still felt miserable and had severe pain in my lower back in the morning and suffered calf cramps and the most horrible crawling sensations in them at night.

Yuen Method Reviews

I found Kams work and joined a teleclass where I could have a correction done for myself and I chose the calf issue. He did 2 corrections that lasted no more than 10 seconds and I was cured… it has never returned.
This blew my mind and I spent the next year studying and practicing 8 hours a day. The rest of the time… my mind was juggling the principles of this method and how they fitted in with my own experience and knowledge.

yuen method review
Hanging out with Dr Yuen in Gran Canaria

Yuen Method Reviews

Yuen Method Reviews

The results I am now getting are honestly beyond what I thought was possible… from removing a huge 20-year-old cyst on a woman´s arm when I only had 10 minutes to work on her, helping a woman who had been hit by a car and was on crutches to walk out the room… without them, in less than 20 minutes… to clearing people’s lifelong crippling back pain in one session.

I’m glad I took the decision those years ago to master these principles… it has been the best investment of my life for myself but also for my business.

I really want to say a big thank you to Dr Kam Yuen for helping me understand so much more about helping people. He doesn´t like to use the word healing as it implies time… which slows things down.

I highly recommend checking out his work and products… this method that is inbuilt in us and we all can do… will change your life, your loved ones and I believe the world.

If you have something in your life that is bothering you be it pain in your body, an illness, you´re worried about your parents or even improving your business I can help… stop wasting your time on things that don’t get you results… and book a session with me and let´s get it sorted.

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cool article on humans ability to sense magnetic fields

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Preparation for clients… Need to be empty and be in a no-mind state

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Interesting story on Intuition.

I spend time everyday to work on my physiological introspective sensitivity (borrowed that phrase from Josh Waitzkin, The Art Of Learning). I have been doing this for about 5 years now.

For me it feels like a quieting of my internal lagoon… I know when there are some waves and work on the internal chatter until the water is totally calm.

I can tell when a drop lands on the water when it is that still.


physiological introspective sensitivity

I have also been listening more to my intuition… working on picking up on the information that surrounds us but we are too internally noisy to hear/ feel.

I started my morning walk today by internally calming the water… picking out thoughts and feelings… working out where they came from and clearing them by strengthening the weakness.

As I walked along a walk way near the beach I saw a man and his dog in the distance… I had the choice to carry on walking or turn left at an angle around a park area… both going the same direction but going left was longer.

I heard myself say “go left” and I did as I’m working on listening to my intuition
smile emoticon
… even though I immediately started questioning myself about being foolish and I was being paranoid that there may be an issue with this man and his dog.

As I rounded the park I heard the man shouting at his dog and saw it coming towards me at full speed… I kept my pace and stared at the dog not letting him see fear.

My heart pounded as the dog went back and forth thinking about going for me. He had run about 50 m to get to me. The owner finally managed to get his dog and put it on a lead. He knew his dog was dangerous.

I walked on and realized I had sensed the danger with no real clues or evidence. I have never felt in danger from a dog before. If I had walked straight I would have been attacked head on.

Another piece of evidence for me to listen to my inner voice. That’s all that counts for me… try something again and again and if it works keep it. Don’t listen to what other people say… most people could never feel a drop let alone a boulder fall into their internal water and they have storms raging 24/7 and use alcohol and distraction to cope.

Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.” Bruce Lee


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