Easy Way To Incorporate Flexibility Training Into Exercise.

Clint asked a question, “what is the easiest way to incorporate flexibility into exercise, I always forget that part while focusing on strength and cardio.”

The way I incorporate flexibility and mobility whilst working my conditioning is via a five minutes daily conditioning routine whereby I choose a whole body exercise for instance burpes and I do burpes for five minutes.

Cue crazy laugh!!



Hold Up!!! 😛

Now five minutes of doing burpes isn’t easy!!  I’m not saying you need to do whole five minutes but you could do 20 seconds burpes then 10 seconds recovery then downward dog/ sun salutation yoga movement  or another whole body exercise like lunges with reaches to the knee to overhead reach: something where you’re going through the full range of motion. Then repeat recovery.

20 secs on 10 secs off for 5 minutes. (Tabata)




Big Bang For Your Buck

So you get a big bang for your buck you’re taking your joints through a full range of motion and you’ll be getting a lot of  pumping movement in you’re body fluids, you’re also warming up your body for exercises to follow if you want to do a strength session after.

When I do five minutes of burpes my body is very tired afterwards and I usually combine that with a long walk of say one hour to two hours where I listen to a10429407_10204330501966098_8320543356046877932_nn audiobook on business, psychology or something that’s going to train my mind and give me new information.

Walking has both mental and physical benefits!!


Out walking in New York with my buddy Keith.


So in summary… choose an exercise that works the hips and/or the shoulders through full range of motion, remember, if it’s uncomfortable or jarring or you feel like you’re bashing the end range then that’s too much for the body and you’re central nervous system will not like it and will let you know afterwards via pain. Just start easy!! The whole idea is consistency of small trainings and over time your body will adapt and gain new ranges.

The hips affect the shoulders the shoulders affect the hips if you have tight hips try getting more mobility and strength in the shoulders.
If you shoulders are shut down work on getting more flexibility and strength in the hips.

Body Chains

Everyone has time for five minutes a day to work whole body movements enjoy incorporating it into your routine.



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  1. Thanks for that – I like the idea of finding a way to work an audio book into it as well.

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