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Breakthroughs In The Body/ Breakthroughs In Your Life…

If you have been following my writings on the body/ mind since 2008 you would have heard me talk about parallels in breakthroughs in the body with breakthroughs in your life.

I had one about 5 minutes ago!!

I have had some huge shifts in how I see the world and my mindset since March. I hung out with my good friend Nam Le in london for a few days and I was exposed to some ideas on life and behavior that changed me.

Since then I have cleaned up my diet and increased exercise and walking. I have devoured books and combine exercise with learning. I listen to audio-books most of the day when I’m not working on clients.

Yesterday I had a breakthrough in my mindset… I became aware of my fixed mindset in some areas of my life that I was blind to and that I hadn’t used Energetics on.

When I saw the truth about my fixed mindset and how I could shift to a growth mindset, it was like a stack of cards falling down… the shift spread into all areas of my mind.

For some strange reason I was driven to go into the bathroom and face the mirror, and look at how far my left arm would rotate behind me compared to my right. The difference was startling!!

I couldn’t believe I had missed the fact that my right arm was missing 45 degrees.

Blind spot or just not ready to see.

I had picked it up before when analyzing my body language and movement but for some reason I hadn’t seen it as important!!

At that moment I couldn’t stop stretching that arm.

This morning I walked along the seafront and stopped occasionally to mobilize and stretch the right arm/shoulder.

Then 5 minutes ago I felt the urge to bend…like there was an uncontrollable energy needing to escape out of my spine.

I bent forward and as I did so I felt pops and a weird movement like pulling the vacuum cleaner handle to extent the tube… I can’t even describe it. *snakelike 😛

At that precise moment I had a flashback to when I was 11 yrs old playing rugby in Kenya, I was playing in the front row.(hard to imagine I know)

I had locked my legs out and refused to be pushed back by a 21 stone teacher who was pushing against us.

He pushed us easily but I was stubborn and refused to budge. I never gave in!!

My back had bent until I heard a huge crack in my mid back and I had collapsed unable to breath.

I suffered many injuries after that incident.


I feel that I may have experienced something at that point in my life that was extremely painful and my back was injured where the body had to release some of the built up energy.

I now realize that the trauma has been locked in that area for 32 years until the causal factor was resolved. Then my back unlocked.

My whole mid back has opened up as I write this and I feel excitement about this new movement freedom in my spine and also the freedom in all areas of my life.

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