The Dark Side Of Mr Men!

I caught myself feeling really strong the other day as I walked along the seafront here in Barcelona…  but I realized that it made me walk, (and my “costume”) in a wider position. It broadened me. Imagine holding invisible rolled up carpets under your arms 😛

Costumes (a good friend of mine Lynn Teachworth explains>)
“The body will often put on “costumes” of posture to protect or project emotional and spiritual patterns. If you are looking change yourself or create new routines in your life…these fascial/ muscular chain patterns must often be balanced before the underlying belief systems and attitudes can be released.

Lynn Teachworth.

I could almost feel the signals to my cells and fibers saying: “Strong is wide so lay yourselves down horizontally!”

Hang On!!

I don’t want my body to expand side ways… I want my body to be strong, light and streamlined :)… like a missile!!

A comparison would be the England front row who are all “strong” and look it… like blocks of granite.







There is a collective thought/belief that influences us on this subject… most people would agree that wide is stronger like the structure of a building… houses are strong.

I’m not talking about body builders here who’s main focus is building muscle not strength.



Alternatively,  you look at NASA that build space rockets that can withstand the forces of going into space and they are streamlined and have very thin walls in comparison to houses.

This would be more like Cristian Cullen the legendary New Zealand full back.. Probably pound for pound the strongest All Black ever. 145kg Bench Press at 85kg body-weight, plus many other feats of strength. He was strong, light and streamlined!

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 18.10.06

So what has this got to do with Mr Men?

Then I pictured my favorite Mr Men character which was Mr Strong… look what strong meant when I was a kid lol… early programming I think.

This is my favorite coffee mug … being brainwashed with my morning pleasure hit…!!!



So I am using my mind now to quickly program in the intention to my central nervous system to how I want to shape my body and strengthen the deletion of the effects of Mr Strong imagery from my life 😉

You can also use imagery to shape yourself to be like a missile or a house if you want.

Remember that most people in society today are over relaxing their bodies which causes the body to expand side ways… its almost accepted as normal for men when they hit 40!!!

So Tense Up!

Always remember to use your mind… not the other way around!!!

I also liked Mr Tickle… Yikes!!


Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 18.34.18


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  1. kyran

    well yikes, i also like horses, heroes, giving birth, naked cave woman, pregnant statues with no heads, and catching God when he fell out of the sky?

    no wonder i look a mess with dry this bent that smelly this and yucky that, not to mention the smart hot mouth cursing things and the dominant Always lefts.

    what would your advice be for that mr brinded?

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